Cryptocurrency made easy


Cryptocurrency made easy


The World’s 1 ST Token Devoted to Nerds That Offers Rewards


So, what is TheNerdCoin?

When you think of coins, you would typically imagine some kid sliding them in an arcade machine. Preferably air hockey or pinball. Change is co-occurring and creating so much complexity and uncertainty that even the savviest of all panic and wonder whether they’re prepared for the revolution ahead. As times elevate, you have no choice to upgrade your knowledge on the newest money maker. At least if you want to be rich and do burnouts in the newest foreign. As we approach 2019, we were supposed to be flying high with the Jetsons with flight stimulated autopilot vehicles. This is where TheNerdCoin, the coolest monkey on the block, comes into place. Tremendous effort has been put into making this state of the art coin. The Sweeping the nation and your pockets in the future, these coins will be used via the Dare app which will make you put your money where your mouth is. All while having fun and making your money work itself. For the theoretical purpose only. Money is dirty, and you don’t know where it’s been. Do not be that hungry for money, we got you covered on that end. Let’s start from the bottom and explain what a coin is. A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets. A coin has its own podium which is called blockchain. Blockchains store information about transactions and who is participating in. You can think of it as a personal bodyguard for your money. Transcripts are made on and secured by a network. Basically, a teacher keeping attendance on its class. Cryptocurrencies are not controlled by any authority such as a federal bank, unlike Fiat currencies.




We offer only trading options that use the Blockchain technology.



All funds and their details will be open to the public. You'll be able to track them in real-time.


We have a 24/7 department to ensure that working with our platform is secure. 

In app payment

Earn benefits for using TNC as an in app payment solution and get paid handsomely for that!

How it Works

Benefits of TheNerdCoin

Through history, various exchanges of money have been from rocks to feathers to shells. The list goes on and on. Essentially, money is what makes the world goes round. Crypto-currencies are slowly, but surely, starting to be the capital as internet money we know today. Gaining insight and having a share of the cryptocurrency market, Fiat currency is to suppose to be obsolete by the 2100s. TheNerdCoin is the newest electronic payment that will hit the stock market of crypto. 

Why Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile which is what makes it such a lucrative investment. Another added bonus is that it is impossible to counterfeit, so you don't have to worry about seeing Benjamin Franklin on a 20 dollar bill. Nevertheless, the way money is spent throughout time has been crazy. From being splurged on electric cars, Starbucks to stocks evidence. You reading this, don’t be ashamed of what you spend your money on. Money is used for experience, so why not have the best? Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile which is what makes it such a successful investment High profile investors such as Bill Gates, Floyd Mayweather and Richard Branson Prices have their hands in the pie as well. 

The weeping benefits of using TheNerdCoin

The weeping benefits of using TheNerdCoin are phenomenal. Different customers will have multiple perceptions of the value compared to our competitors. We like to be in competition with ourselves and not worry about the next person's plate. Customers will perceive a lot of value in our offering. Initially, if this is the first time you’ve heard of it, you’re probably thinking to yourself what in the hoopla is a TheNerdCoin? Advocating a positive outlook on life with a healthy lifestyle involving a huge range of emotion elements in our social platform #DARE. Call a personal time capsule that your future grandkids can view. Accepting dares and being rewarded with cold hard cash has never been so cool and rewarding as such. In the corporate world, people are not considered worthy of money until there were some blood and tears shed for it. #DARE and TheNerdCoin go against the previously stated agenda. Do yourself a dare and join in on the fun while raking in the dough. Let loose of control and let the trend, theme or whatever will make you giggle inside go!

How does the TheNerdCoin gain value?

Value-added selling has been a popular kid at the lunch table one for many years. As the value of #DARE increase, so does further awareness of the TheNerdCoin. AKA: Mo' money, mo' money. Disproportionately allocating our sales, marketing dollars, and investments toward the customers and segments that you can serve you, the consumer, the best and provide the greatest value in return. Cryptocurrency has been around the block, and it continues to buy the online block. Countless research has been conducted to ensure the consumer that they're getting the best they need. Customers are the lifeblood and heath of what we are introducing to the world. They are the source of current profits and the foundation of future growth. Statements as such have people jumping put out the gate, while simultaneously bringing forward traffic. Trends over time are going to go up and down. Nobody knows where it is going. With the TheNerdCoin stepping forward into the scene, investing your hard earned money won't seem so harsh as others make it. Time over time we have seen countless stories of lost income due to customers not having no prior knowledge to cryptocurrency coins. TheNerdCoin promotes being smart and being yourself all while your pockets laid. And we know how much you like to get laid. Sounds like a fairy tale ending, but we want to make the impossible happen.

Always on the top of the game

Nerds have always been on top of the game. Corny or unique, whatever you label it. It shall remain the same. Nevertheless, stay routed to greatness. Bitcoin is in high processing which will stay its course for the next 50 years or so. TheNerdCoin is on the block, so I’m not quite sure how long that is going to last. Play for keeps and let the dice roll. In today's market place where so many products and services are viewed as a commodity, the ability to add value to your product or service is an absolute necessity. Selling in contagious rates is alarming, it identifies the adrenaline running through your core... Let go off of all thoughts and run with the unknown. Thank us later, we will accept cake and eat it too. Stocks and dividends can be a lifesaver for those looking to upgrade their income situation. The Hustle never stops and neither do you. We like sinners on this side and know that you’re one of them. Money and pleasure, your two favorite sins are blended together. No risk, no loss.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, we are providing a tremendously high level of professionalism. We do not like to think of us as a sale expert. More of a lifestyle professional. In order for you us to be able to provide value, what you need to do is to understand that you have to provide a level of nothing that is significantly higher than the average. Not much for a lot in return right? The key point is to grow large with the users and go-getters. And be the biggest thing since sliced toast. Mmmhh....toast. People often create moments at an alarming rate, and this is an excellent way to capture them. Our new member the #DARE app will be available across iOS and Android devices in February/mars. This may be the only app of its kind that offers a good workout or two (For those trying to relieve their beer keg 8 pack stomach) and gives you an opportunity to turn your life into a real safari. Positive dopamine release and healthy social interaction are starting to become a new trend. We will accept the award of taking full credit. Amusing as ever, join the hype and do not get lost in the sauce.

The end, we could not think of a cool way to end this. So this will do.

Ready to Learn More?

Take look at our Whitepaper.

Road Map


The beginnings

The Nerd Coin Has been founded as an ICO service provider in the head office in Los Angeles, California. The number of employees at this time is – 5.


Early years

The Nerd Coin continues to develop its idea into a successful business. It promotes a commitment to continuous growth, education, training, and development to provide an exceptional customer experience.


Hard Work

We are ready our reach to the US market. We have rebranded, redesigned, working on getting listed on exchanges and preparing for a coin drop.


In-app currency

We have been working hard together with the new social app #Dare. A newer, better version of Vine. The app is monetized, gamified, interactive content generation tool that helps people and brands to create engaging content that maximizes their potential reach through their traditional social media channels.


Payment integration system

We are working with FinCEN as an MSB in order to operate the exchange and integrate a debit card system (FIAT) for our clients


Worldwide ambassador program

We are teaming up with #DARE to engage the most likely heavy users of our platform.
In a nutshell, these are men and women, 16-25. They’re digital natives, risk takers and they come from above-average income households. We are focusing on users with strong engagement on social media posts – social magnets who can draw in their group of friends as a social unit onto our platform. This to invite a younger and new group of people into the world of crypto.


Best Year ever - Growth

Hitting the 1 million users mark, after going for “show-me” markets as a part of our market strategy and continue to work against our long term goal on 100 mill daily users of our token

Competition & Barriers to our interactive #Dare platform

Short-form mobile videos, focused on creativity & lip-sync. Hit 500m active monthly users in Jun-18. Monetization via music.

Ad driven revenue model for content.

Twitch Partners can accept subscriptions and virtual currency (bits) from their viewers and earn ad revenue.


Our main monetization strategy is to create a set of premium ways to use TheNerdCoin.

Shortly our customers will all be able to get access to our exchange system and use TheNerdCoin as a payment opportunity. Traders/users are paying a small fee every time they execute TheNerdCoin. But the value of the TheNerdCoin will increase with every transaction as well.

Dont miss anything!

Our Team

We’ve gathered a mighty roster of creative pros

Edvard Erken Hoili


• Father of 3
• 7 years in clothing
• Past experience as
entrepreneur founding a smoothie brand
• 2 years freelance photo & video

Maria Erken Hoili


• Strong retail family roots • Past experience: Property
& interior
• Mother of 3, NLP Guru,
Master Lifestyle Coach, Influencer & Pro Poker Player

Daniel Kirby Ray


10 years in full-stack web development
• Strongly focused on DB management & B2B / B2C dev
• ReactJS, Responsive Web, PHP & more

Micah Jefferson

Content Writer

- Attractive headlines & killer copy
- Fast-paced & enthusiastic, and in love with #DARE!

Christian Sivertsen

Creative Application Developer Director

- Brings forward ideas out of the rabbit’s hole that no other can find.
- Creating delicious and attractive concepts from thin air.
- Credited as the founder/creator of Adapt Mobile.
- An app genius

Exchange Markets(Coming Soon)

Download Our App #DARE

#DARE Mobile App is available for both Android and iOS devices. It has a User's wallet for TheNerdCoin and it also features a streamlined user Interface where people and brands connect to dare, do, share and create engaging content that maximizes their potential.#DARE webpage

Media #DARE


Look through the answers to the most popular questions from our customers. Didn’t find what you need? Just send us a request and we will get in touch with you shortly.

What Makes It Uniquely and Quite Frankly Different ?

In a nutshell, the TheNerdCoin is a platform for cryptocurrency. Is a stand-alone based of its name. Together with the teaming up with the social platform #Dare, the chance to prove to yourself, push the barriers with your friends and bring some excitement has a 100% return rate. A map feature is included, allowing to play catch up with your friends and see where other challenges are located. Because we know how much you like to improve yourself. There is an Every day Challenge which makes you face your fear of cats and give you an extra push on overcoming it. Sharing your fun-filled experiences has a new twist. Bet on yourself and step into the expansion of the new you. After all, being the same leaves no room for improvement. Earning extra rewards by recommending friends and to the app will give you an additional advantage. Extra, extra credit can be made by participating in a poll or getting rates by likes from others Unlock new categories and dares by play or pay. Tap into your creative side by making your own dares, which costs to open.

What makes us different?

#DARE + TheNerdCoin DynamicsThe #DARE essentially made for those with a little bit of spunk in life and feel a need to express it. We are the outlet for that. From random dares that will make you squeal or run, pick your preference. The coin is usable in the #DARE app and or any game that will have TheNerdCoin payment solution. Creating greater awareness of the app will result in more environments where the coin can be spent. The user-friendly interface for the #DARE platform features wallet functionality for all supported crypto X with deposit/withdraw and etcetera. The wallet is backed for all crypto X with deposit, withdraw, piggybank, etc. Here’s a mental picture of what a crypto X is, it stands for a cryptocurrency supported by the partnered exchange. To get the money into the bank, Crypto Y must be converted to Crypto X. An exchange is required for buying or selling of cryptocurrency. Which allows trading to convert the Crypto Y to Crypto X, which can then be converted to USD. Most coins under BTC/ETH trading pair. Only a few currencies have USD trading pair. Payments are accepted via DAREToLive wallets at supported merchant sites.
#DARE interface converts from one crypto to another by connecting a bridge between the database and application. The middleware integrates DEX (decentralized exchange) and APIs (Application programming interface) with the converter interface. Middle-wear integrates trading functionalities of exchange using high-performance FIX APIs or Anchor Networks with the platform interface. ADEX whole caboodle works without KYC or account creation and enables P2P trading. DEX, comparable to shape-shift, substructures a variety of currencies can be exchanged with each other. Convert the Crypto Y to Crypto X, which can then be converted to USD. Sounds like a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo to John Doe, but the important information is always boring. We know it does not mean anything until the money is in your hands. Knowledge is the key to early success. Counting up the cheddar has never been easier than before. In the near future, it will be on the cryptocurrency stock market and available for purchase to the public so everyone can buy it as well. The new online dare game is going to change the blockchain-driven game economy. This will allow the user to win, withdraw and trade on the cryptocurrency market all in one app. You are able to quit your day occupation and become a crypto-gamer full time. Maybe the first of one solely off of dares. Not a bad storyline to tell your friends

What is the main benefit of using The Nerd Coin?

NerdCoin Vs. The World
Class is in session, Pull out you're paid and get ready for some free knowledge. AKA: free game for all of you young enthusiasts out there, as the kids would say. One of the main benefits of the platform is that it simplifies the process for game developers to raise funds via the token. Increasing of value after the increase of users in DARE, and you can exchange it cash easy. Most coins are on the market let alone just for economic benefit. TheNerdCoin adds even more value with the app, helping you stuff your pockets with dividends and promoting a positive lifestyle. Giving the app more exposure which would result in more consumers and more money back to the people’s pockets; it is a win, win situation for all, more importantly, the gamers. Who said that fun and stocks cannot go together? The app and coin are solely based on the consumers. Initiating fun and money in your life at constant levels. Besides, if you are not having fun while making money, then that defeats the whole perspective on the app and breed a healthy and prosperous lifestyle. Most cryptocurrency companies are only interested in dinero. We can not fault them for that. It is a numbers game. 

TheNerdCoin Sale Is Live

There’s no denying that cryptocurrency is the future. Become part of the nerds today!